AUDIO MASTERINGS specializing in stereo mastering and surround mastering, audio restoration, CD,DVD/SACD/Surround Mastering, and vinyl production services. What is Mastering?
CD mastering has a reputation as a mysterious art known only to a musical high priesthood. In fact, the right mastering can make a good recording sound excellent, and possibly turn a great one into a legend. Most discs can be made competitive for radio and in-store play. To use an analogy – Every album has a “voice” in which the message of the artist is delivered. A strong performance and good recording technique will set the basic tone for this voice. Mastering can then profoundly affect its impact and resonance. How? My guideline is: do what serves the music. A wide range of techniques can bring out an album’s native voice. Depth, punch, sense of air and detail can all be enhanced. Vintage tube processors may work, or the latest technology could be appropriate. The solution sometimes goes against logic. Experience and a feel for the music determine the best path.
The Process

Most are familiar with the idea of recording music in a live concert or recording studio. You make tapes that store the individual performances, or takes. Ultimately these takes are assembled into a final master tape. This is sent to a replication plant, where copies are made. The process of creating the final master is called mastering. Our Process


With over 20 years of experience, AUDIO MASTERINGS can assure that your music will be handled with love, and mastered to its fullest potential. Our proprietary analog and digital mastering techniques, developed over time, will assure the finest quality for your songs. We use the finest quality equipment, many custom built from experts . Please note we are here to help you. That includes:

- Listening to your mixes
- Helping you hear things you might have missed
- And making suggestions to help your sound, if you so desire.
- We want to be part of “your team”
- What can I do to prepare my mixes for mastering?

When mixing, try to reference your mixes against source material that you are familiar with, like your favorite CD’s. Apply minimal compression (or none at all) to your 2 track mixes.
On a DAW (digital audio workstation) a level of -6db on your mixes will leave us with enough headroom to do a good master for you. On an analog recorder, you may want to experiment on the level input, as some people enjoy the sound of tape saturation. Be sure to play back the first mixes and make sure they have gone to tape sounding the way you had envisioned. Don’t master before you master! Using mastering plug-ins is fine for your demos, or to make loud for yourself. Our best results will be to start with an unadulterated mix. The exception to that rule is if you mixed with that plug-in as part of your “sound”. If that’s the case, we will work with what you’ve got. Life is full of compromises! Don’t Rush! Take your time, and make sure your mixes are what you want. While mastering can sometimes vastly improve a mix, it cant fix a bad performance or lackluster mix. Get References! Please bring some of your favorite CD’s. Especially ones that you think your music can or should sound like. This will help your mastering engineer understand what you want from your session. Ask questions. Don’t be afraid or intimidated by the process. Your mastering engineer is happy to explain the process and show you what he/she is doing. How long does it take to master something?
There is no definitive answer, but an average full music CD consisting of approximately 40-50 minutes of music (10-14 songs) usually can be finished in about 4-5 hours. A CD single with a few different versions can usually be finished in an hour or less. Formats Accepted

1/2″ analog reel
1/4″ analog reel
.WAV files
.AIF (Aiff) files
Digital files should remain at the sample rate they were recorded at. Stereo interleaved or dual mono are both fine. Sony 1630
Alesis Masterlink
Other formats can be arranged. Please call for information.


Since 1998 we work with differents companies to offer the best quality result to our customers. You can also choose the factory were you want to release your product between: MPO, GZ Vinyl, Curved Pressings, France Vinyl, M Comme Musique...
100, 200, 300, 500 or 1000 copies, including 5 tests pressings, CMYB labels, black or white sleeve with hole, 1 european shipping, and 8 to 12 weeks of delivery.
From 600€ including VAT.


We are here to inform you and show you the best way for your masterings, please do not hesitate to ask contact@audiomasterings.com