AUDIO MASTERINGS is an online mixing / mastering service based in Rennes France since 1998, offering a professional result at an honest cost. Using the latest techniques and material available, AUDIO MASTERINGS is able to offer a service that will adapt to the needs of all our customers at a reasonable cost. Dance, house, techno, break beat, drum & bass, pop, rock, hip hop, live shows, singles, EPs, albums, whatever your needs , we have the experience to do the mastering of your music and mix your project to meet your requirements.

As the sound renders differently depending on the support it uses (CD,mp3,radio,phone,etc) we can provide different optimised versions of your project so it renders the best sound quality on every support and matches the loudness of mainstream music.
We like t stay close to our customer as our philosophy is to give you the sound you want, if you trust us enough we will do our job as usual but if you have a certain type of sound in mind, we are happy to discuss it so we can take the best direction for the work.

Most of our customers do ask us for a very loud sound while for others there is the loudness war debate and the effect it has on the dynamics of the recorded music. We can make your tracks sound very loud without distorting or clipping the sound and without the pumping sound of too much compression. Different genres need a different approach and while we are in an era of very loud masters for dance, pop or rock, we do understand that a lower loudness would sound better on acoustic recordings, live, jazz, etc where the dynamic of the sound has to be retained. With years of experience in the industry, we are confident that the service we propose is excellent , for this reason we are not afraid of doing a free test master if needed, please do not hesitate to ask